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09-21-2002, 12:02 AM
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i'm new to this and i've just downloaded a few templates to test... i tried to encode 2 minutes and 24 seconds of a movie file using different templates and got the following results:

the original TMPGEnc "VideoCD (NTSC).mcf" template - 20.7 mb
KVCD PLUS 352x480 - 32.3 mb
KVCD PLUS 352x240 - 19.9 mb
KVCD PLUS 352x240 LBR - 18.7 mb

i was just wondering if i did something wrong... because i didn't change anything after i loaded the template... and the KVCD PLUS 352x480 is supposed to be able to store 90 minutes... but the file size was bigger than my original file.. and even low bitrate version's file size wasn't too much smaller... so how is it possible to store 180 minutes on one cd??

what i did was:
1) dl the movie (itz in mpg format already)
2) open up TMPG and load the template
3) then just encode

if there's something i missed doing during the encoding or if any of u know what's wrong... pls tell me! thx in advance!

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