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11-13-2004, 10:48 PM
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have an .avi movie...i am using this script...


AviSource("D:\Films\Films à graver\Films à faire\xxx.avi",false)
Blockbuster(method="noise",detail_min=1,detail_max =3,variance=0.1,seed=1)
Convolution3D(1, 6, 12, 6, 8, 2.8, 0)
GripCrop(528, 480, overscan=1, source_anamorphic=false)
#Blockbuster(method="noise",detail_min=1,detail_ma x=10,variance=0.3,seed=5623)

if the movie has 25 fps or 29.97 fps is it really necessary to change it to 23.976fps...

if so will it have an impact on the sound when muxing?

quite confuse so far with that fps thing!


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11-14-2004, 05:09 PM
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You are using a target res with ...x480 so YEZS you must use a NTSC fps.

if the source is 25 then convert it to 23.976
if it is 29.970 let it as this except if the source is telecined (then applay a IVTC = inverse telecine).

There is no impact on the audio in second case; In first one, no probmem is you use a "COnvertToFps" but if you use "AssumeFps" then you will need to do the same convert on the audio stream.
11-14-2004, 09:52 PM
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where in the script do i put converttofps(23.976)?
11-15-2004, 12:46 AM
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Hi guys,

Let's focus on the forum principles. DVD and high quality HuffYUV type COdec captures/conversions only.
No more DivX stuff

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