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04-24-2005, 09:39 AM
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when I get to the bold bit I'm a little confused. When I get to the part I have bolded I can't see the start scene. I can see I scene from 1 of the epiosdes in the .d2v file. If I ativate this function does it mean the movies will start encoding from there?

Setting up Tmpgenc:

Video Source>(locate your .avs script file)
Settings>Video>Rate Control Mode>Max Bitrate>1800
Settings>Video>Rate Control Mode>Min Bitrate>(from CalcuMatic [0.57*AVG])
Settings>Advanced>Field Order>Top Field First (Field A)
Settings>Advanced>Source Aspect Ratio>4:3 525 Line (NTSC)
Settings>Advabced>Source Range>Cut Editing>Cut except Currently Selected Area
File>Save Project>Save As Type>TmpGenc Text Project (*.tpr)
Close Tmpgenc.


Using CQTester:

Project>(locate Tmpgenc's *.tpr)
Setting>Number of Cd's>1
Settings>MB pro CD>790
Multiplex OverHead>32
(Button) Settings>Use Dynamic Test settings
(Button) Settings>Number of GOP's>1
(Button) Settings>Percentage of Film>2
(Button) Settings>Start Offset>2
(Button) Settings>(locate tmpgenc.exe program)
(Button) Opt+Enc
Close CQTester

HOw do I activate Opt+Enc? in the setting part it says default min cd is 90, should I change it to 80 so it will give me a more accurate reading? where do I find this? Multiplex OverHead>32

My file contains 2 audios

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04-25-2005, 04:42 PM
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Edit:my answer was completely wrong so I removed it.

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