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10-05-2007, 06:47 AM
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Hi All!

I'm back after a long period

Just to tell you something great,

Due to the fact that I'm on linux, I used to encode my KDVD with mencoder but, by searching linux software that can do that I've found AVIDEMUX.

I knew that it could do this job but I didn't knew that it does it well !

I've made a simple test with NO filters at all and with a bitrate at 1860kbps and the quality is surprising !

furthermore, coming with last versions, is a support of avisynth (through an AVSProxy) AND Least but not last: It runs under windows and linux (in fact it's a linux soft ported on windows )
And since Avisynth 3 will be available on linux too.. there will be good ways for encoding KDVD with one method on many platforms !

PS: As its name does not say it, it's not only for AVI Files but for All source files supported by libavcodec.

So, is there anyone regular with avisynth and tmpgenc who would give it a try... just to see if quality / compliance and avisynth filters works well with avidemux ? And why not make a tuto to "translate" avisynth/tempgenc method on avidemux ?

PS2: Sorry if there are mistakes... I'm an ugly french
Thx. :P
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10-05-2007, 04:44 PM
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Hi le_barbu,
yes, that topic is of great interest. I'm afraid avidemux isn't working with avs files right now, is it?.
I mean, nowadays you cannot load an avs script in avidemux under Linux. And when avisynth3 will be delivered for Linux, I'm afraid filters will have to be re-written to be ported to Linux, isn't it?.

I'm afraid that we'll have to wait some time to be able to make KDVD under Linux, but future is closer
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10-05-2007, 05:04 PM
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Avisynth scripts can be loaded for now by running avisynth under Wine (Windows emulator). It's described on the avidemux site

But, even under windows, it could be great to test this soft no ?

I make a test just now with "Le labyrinthe de pan"... I'll see.

But I don't know avisynth at all, that's why I posted this thread. I someone's interested in avidemux, could he try with avisynth ?

And I don't know how to check mpeg2 stream compliance too

But, for sure, I've made a little test at job ( ) without any filters nor avs and quality seems very good.

And the libavcodec library is a modifed one (said avidemux author) and since he lets us choose KVCD matrices, I think he modified matrices/compliance problems from the original libavcodec...

But to make short: until avinsynth 3 is out we can load AVS scripts on linux under wine

I'm afraid that we'll have to wait some time to be able to make KDVD under Linux
I do it for a long time with mencoder, the linux version works very well and quality is not so bad, even without avs !!!


Finished a very simple test with avidemux and "Le Labyrinthe de Pan".

Parameters: 2 passes with final size of 1500Mo; No filters used, KVCD Matrices.
Results: 1448Mo and quality is very very good!

Now Launch a test with simple filters like temporal denoiser and adaptive sharp... waiting and come back to let you know the results

Just want to know one thing: Which soft can I use to check compliance of the mpeg2 stream produced ? like peak bitrate, B Frames and other stuff ?

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