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12-03-2002, 01:22 AM
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I'me quite new in "KVCD's world". Usually, I use "KVCD (120min) CQ 352x2XX NTSC/PAL PLUS". I let all defaults options, but change the encoding mode to "2-pass VBR".

Usually, TMPGenc calculator predict a good size (normal... it's 2-pass encoding ). But it's always something like 1-3% less than normal.

But this week-end, I tried to convert "Queen.Of.The.Damned-DIVX" in KVCD. Queen.Of.The.Damned is 1h36 long. I use 160 for Audio bitrate, so the average video bitrate (in TMPGEnc) should be ~980.

But if I use this, I get a *m1v of 453Mo !!! (he should be around 670Mo).

In fact, I would like to ask experienced people if they have an idea "WHY this happend ? and WHAT happend exactly ?" (Maybe it's due to the big % of P pictures. But in that case, this should happend with other movies too. )


As I said, for other movie all worked perfect. I didn't change anything for this movie, and I try about 5-6 times to verifiy.
And, as usual, I set "min = 0" & "Max = 1200"
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12-04-2002, 02:40 PM
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I really don't understand what happend.

Always with the same Movie "Queen of the Damned" (DivX->KVCD conversion).

I tried to set min:0 Max : 1200 and AVG = 980/1000/1100/1150 And I always get an *.m1v of 453Mo

Then I tried to set Min:0 Max:1700 AVG = 1000/1100 and I get every time an *.m1v of 449Mo ....

Someone know why this happend ?

On the other hand, I took the "SKVCD(60) 352x480 NTSC", with Min:0 Max:2000 AVG=980 , and I get this Time a *.m2v of 673Mo, which was the desired size....

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