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12-04-2002, 07:48 AM
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Dear Kwag, I use your template for all my DVD conversion. Great.
I have started to pass al my VHS stuff to CD.
I grab the SWORd in THE STONE VHS PAL source via DC 10 Plus 352x288 ( 25 fps) at 3500 kbp . Very good quality.
I tried the kvcd_352x288_LBR and kvcd_352x288_plus and chahged the motion estimation to high quality ( slow).
In the scene with Merlino moving , I had some blur aroud him that I didn't have in the original capured file.
I tried also whit Quality at 60 and 70 but or I get out of 1 CD or the blur was steel there.

I tried then the kvcd_352_288_plus and changed the mode in 2-pass.
I set the max at 3000 and min. at 300. Whit Fitcd I calculated the average and put it at 1365 ( to fit 1 cd ).
The blur disapper. I have analyzed the final file and the bitrate was starting from a 500 geting to 2100. But the average was still 1365.

Now My questio is , how can I get the same qulity as double pass whit kvcd_352x288_plus ?
Shall I rise the Maximun bitrate ? The quality?
In all my tests I put on the noise redection on , because the source is VHS.

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12-04-2002, 09:18 AM
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Hi logan555,

Use the file prediction method with CQ_VBR mode. You'll get better quality than 2-pass every time. Look under the AviSynth section of the forum.

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