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11-14-2003, 01:17 PM
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Well, I have also some ideas to predict CQ, I have posted a post about I before but I got no response... My english is terrible, but I hope you will understand.

First we can take a look at how TMPGEnc PLUS do 2 pass (new method) encoding:
-First it encode the first pass with a current CQ value. Then TMPGEnc can calculate a motion factor out off avg bitrate and the bitrate off each GOP.
-Then it does the second pass. It use the results from the first pass and calculate a of the GOPs. The CQ value will variate a litle bit from GOP to GOP, becouse the last GOP can be bigger or less than the last calculated.

To get all the information of bitrate for each GOP etc. try to encode a litle sample and turn the logg on!!!

In the logg we get all the information we need, and I think the logg can be very usefull when doing prediction.

So one method can be:
-Encode the a sample (5 % of the movie) in 2-pass encoding. Then goto the encoderlogg, and then take avg CQ value of each CQ value for each GOP from the second pass.
-Then do a couple of samples with the standard method.
This method will incearse time of prediction.

I hope someone have somthing to say..... Just try to encode a litle sample and look at the encoderlog. If TMPGEnc can predict CQ value in two passes, why can't we??
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