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12-20-2002, 03:09 AM
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Just wanted to say that I just finished encoding Iron Giant.

I used DVD2SVCD and its file prediction method (.95)along with the KVCD ini settings. I changed to mpeg 2 at 480x480, using fitCD bilinear resize with 2 blocks overscan. I used NoMoSmooth in my script. Audio set at 128. The gop was changed to new 1,12,2,1,24

The calculated CQ-VBR was 14.86 and the movie came out at about 750 megs in total. A little shy of 800, but it looks very good and I consider this a success. The movie is 86 minutes long and looks better on 1 KVCD than it did on 2 CVDs made with CCE.

I'm now working on the episodes of Band Of Brothers. I only want 1 episode on a disc, so I'm expecting very good results. =)
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