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02-14-2003, 05:41 PM
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First Off,I know that this ain't the first "KVCD Appreciation Thread".But there ain't no other way to express my Joy about this revolutoniary Invention,that combines economy and the high demand of Quality.

Big Up 4 Kwag

But I want to Big Up SansGrip as well,whose Filters and Work made it all possible.

The reason of this emotional Thing is that my Brother is always mad at me if I secretly take his DVD's to convert it to (K)VCD.
I converted one DVD to KVCD and watched it on my TV.Suddenly my Brother came in and "caught" me watching his Movie.And here`s the funny thing:
He really thaught,that I was watching his DVD.He didn't realize,that it wasn't a DVD but a KVCDx3.This proofs that there's almost no visual differece between KVCDx3 and DVD Quality,at least not for people,who didn't watched a KVCD Movie

With this Thread is just wanna show my appreciation to Kwag,who spends a lot of time in here to help Noobs(like me ).

By the way:
This ain't no declaration of Love or something
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