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04-07-2003, 12:21 PM
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I made a small movie with my digital camera in AVI format. Playback through PowerDVD was fine, but once I converted it to MPG for use as a VCD, the sound was making horrible clicking sounds at regular intervals. I used GSpot to learn what the sample rate was and what codecs were used to make the original AVI (8kHz). I then used VDub and converted this sample rate to 44.1kHz. This solved the clicking problem (seems straight forward enough).

Well,... now I have a downloaded DivX that GSpot says is sampled at 22kHz. So, I use the same procedure as noted above, because I believe this to be necessary. I then sample the new AVI that I made at a 44.1 sample rate and it plays the audio at twice the original speed (if not faster). So, I decided to play it back normally at 22kHz and it plays fine.

Is there a more reliable means of knowing when it is necessary to change sample rates?

Thanks for your help.

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04-08-2003, 07:44 AM
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Its only necesary to change sampling rates if you want to play your film in a standalone DVD player...try using VirtualDub to extract the audio and then HeadAC3he to upsample.
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