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04-08-2003, 11:48 PM
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Hay Kway.. and peoples...

I got a domb request for those that want to contibute to an idea I'm having
difficulty setteling.

Can those willing to help, please encode an MPEG-2 clip (DVD) and
post here. You can use any version of TMPG, but just so long as it is w/out
a doubt, MPEG-2 clip (NOT mpeg-1)

Oh, yeah.. I'm NOT asking you for your best quality. Quality is NOT a factor
at all. So realax, and if its not too much to ask, help me out. The more,
the merier. Oh, before i forget, please state the TMPG version you are
using for each encode. wound't hurt if you give add'L details too.
..can be less than 3MB in size.

I would REALLY appreciate it GREATLY !!

A BIG THANKS to any and all help that you all can lend me.
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