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04-16-2003, 09:54 AM
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Is it possible to convert a region 0 PAL encoded DVD to a NTSC KVCD If so, how would I go about doing it?

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04-16-2003, 10:14 AM
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In your avisynth script you will need to add the line AssumeFPS(23.976) after the MPEG2SOURCE line. This will change the framerate of the movie to be NTSC compatible. You will probably also need to use NTSC resolutions (e.g. 544x480 instead of 544x576) but I figure this may mess up the aspect ratio. You will probably have to do some clever resizing or adding borders to maintain the AR with the correct resolution.

Finally when you encode the ac3 audio you can use Besweet and choose the option to Change frame rate from 25fps to 23.976fps. I'm not sure HeadAC3he has this option.

The end result is the movie will get longer and slightly slowed down, but should not be too noticeable as it is only about 1 frame per second slower.

I've never needed to do format conversions like this as nearly all PAL dvd players also play NTSC as well.
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04-16-2003, 10:23 AM
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Thanks for your response Fiz
As for DVD players I'm not sure if the ones they have here in Canada can play PAL encoded discs.

Would anyone know if this is the same for DVD-ROMs? If I can play the PAL dvd on my computer, it'd save the hassle of doing the conversion.
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04-16-2003, 11:50 AM
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There are a range of players that can play pal. I have an Apex 1500 (set-top dvd player) that can do pal svcd's and vcd's, kvcd's {@ 352x240 or skvcd's} and dvd's in pal. And it can now play multiregion (regionless) dvd's as well , thanx to a firmware update.

As far as your dvd-rom - your dvd software will probably play the disc and can change the region (on some upto 5 times) to play region2, 4 etc,,. There are software patches (firmware) to patch regions and become (or enable not just pal) but regionless dvd playback. There are a number of sites that carry firmware updates. If you choose to proceed , read the instructions carefully, and if it doesnt work properly, you've bought a new rom (or flash it back if an older patch exists). It's easy to do , but you do so at your own risk.
here's one url that i use

For dvd player compatibility check through the following - url's



As far as your conversion goes.....
Fiz gave the code for the framerate to film
If your are encoding to kvcd @ 23.976, you can leave it at 23.976 but if your dvdplayer (or encoding to compliant vcd or svcd or skvcd), you will need to perform a pulldown to 'trick' add flags so the player can output a frameage of 29.97.
Then you'd need to stretch your audio and multiplex the two files.
Sounds confusing but its actually quite fun and easy once u got the steps down.
I'm actually converting my Ali G IndaHouse region 2 pal dvd to ntsc dvdr as we speak. Dang video isnt really available in native ntsc (and the questionable copies on ebay that are ntsc dvd get scooped up quickly) so we ordered one from da U.K.

Hope that helps

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