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05-20-2003, 07:34 AM
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yesterday I made my first experience with a PAL SVCD 480x576 using the KVCD PAL PLUS Template. (My player does not accept 352x576 XVCD size!)

I created the d2v using DVD2AVI, converted the AC3 to mp2 (128kbit) using HeadAC3he. Created a .avs file using Moviestacker (inkluding the aspect ratio, resize and border Settings for 480x576).

I loaded theese into TOK and set the executables in the options, choosed one CD-R 80min and started.

Its a 112min movie (widescreen/Letterboxed with added borders to fit 4:3) and after 130min I saw the ready muxed result by playing back using Elcard MPEG2 Player .............. WOW!!!!!! PERFECT! And perfect size of 785MB!!!

Everything was fine, the look! the aspect ratio, audiosync.... everything!
It was like Christmas to see how good Quality fits on one CD-R!!!

I authored the mpg as SVCD usin VCDeasy including Chapters and burned it with NERO.

Playback on my DVD Player was perfect! And also I could access the Chapters.

But approximately at the half of the movie when playing back with my Standalone DVD Player the movie begins to stutter. At the half of the movie sometimes a little and it gets worse and worse until the movie reaches the end. Nearly at the end, playback is almost impossible, ... it stops, freezes, continues for one second, stops, the picture gets sometimes blocky coloured artefacts, continues, stops ... and so on.... ((((
As I said, until the Half of the movie everything is pefect!!!

What could be the problem??? Bad media?? I never had probs. with this kind of brand I use. Or could it be a wrong VBV Buffer Size setting???? Should I rise it in TmpgEnc to 224??

Please Help!
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05-20-2003, 09:26 AM
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Look in the german forum
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