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09-04-2003, 05:20 PM
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The resolution thing is not based only upon the lenght of a movie. It also depends upon the contentsof the scenes.
The best way is to define a resolution, do a prediction and your decision should be refered on the CQ Value which will be calculated by using CQMatic or TOK.

Example: The Thriller "Seven" ... much dark Scenes and minimal flashing or fast moving scenes ...
Using TOK or CQ Matic gave me a CQ about 80 using 480x576 (in my case PAL) fitting on a single CDr80 with 128kbit Audio (wow ... something wrong?? no ). So you also can set the resolution to 704x576 and you still will receive a very good CQ and even better quality. In may case (my player does not accept 704 movies if not authored and burned as a DVD) I decided to add an extra language audio track. I predictioned again now including 2 audiotracks each 128kbit and the result was 72CQ @ 480x576. Perfect.

Well this movie is an extreme example.

On the other hand "Mesage in a bottle" ... 480x576 128kbit 1CH audio gives me 47CQ (1CDr80) .. dammn ... even when using the MA script .. extra Convolution3D rises the CQ to 49 and so I decided to encode this movie to two CDr80 cause I prefer better quality on 2 disks than 352x288 on a single one. 352x576 in my case (player model) is also only accepted on a DVD.

So do your prediction before an decide when looking at the CQ Value.
This gives you the option to do what ever you want ... bigger/smaller size, upper/lower audiobitrate or even a second audio track if you got a very good CQ.
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