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08-25-2003, 12:27 AM
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Hello peoples.

* DV CAM: Sony TRV22
* MODE: 16x9 footage
* Firewired directly from DV cam to HD
* Conversion: .AVI --> VDUB --> TMPG --> MPEG-2 16x9 test sample

I've ben testing some DV cam footage I have shot over the weekend at
a park. I used the "notch" matrice and an odd GOP (numbers slip my mind
at the moment) but I've done many small test encodes since, and have
concluded on main and greatest advice I can give to you all (fellow DV
CAMer's) out there..

Don't use digital zooming, if you're gonna be doing any panning around.
I've done many of those, and have found that due to the nature of how
the Interlace phase shift the video frame (fields) that the faster your jerk
or move your CAM, the more dramatic the effect will be. Worse, that is

When digital zoom in on, even at its lowest setting ie, on my TRV22, I have
2 zooming levels, and I did not choose any of them. Instead, I only used
the limits of the built-in LENS zoom.

I'm theorizing that if I elect NOT to zoom in on anything in my next outdoor
footage project, I'll have a MUCH better conversion. I'll try and do some
more shooting as soon as time allows me. I might bring a tripod w/ me too.. and my better battery

Well, there's much more I've learned, but too little time to write, and my
own internal battery is running on empty here.. I'm pooped.

I'm going to be doing more testing on this matter, so you be expecting some
more findings.

I just wanted to share some things I've learned over the weekend w/ my
TRV22 cam

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