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09-11-2003, 05:38 AM
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Hi. Noob alert!

This is my first brush with KVCD. It looks seriously interesting, but I'd like to know more about the format. Everything I've seen is xxx to KVCD.
Is it possible to go KVCD to MPEG-1 for instance? I have not found any tools that allow me to take one of these files and reverse the process.

The idea is this, and yes, I know it is a bit dumb, but I don't have a lot of cash and want to backup my DVDs. Later, if a DVD gets wrecked, I can restore something with decent quality to a DVD-R later (If I can ever afford a drive!).
Why do all this? My kids get a hold of them (DVDs) and use them like Frisbees! My DVD player will not handle KVCDs, but can cope with DVD-Rs.

I realise this is probably dumb and futile, but now my interest in KVCD is piqued I want to know more.
Thanks for any help offered.
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09-11-2003, 07:23 AM
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No need to reverse back from KVCD to MPEG-1 because KVCD _are_ MPEG1 (or MPEG2, as you want) videos. So you can do it directly with the KVCD.

Now it's not so easy to put a MPEG1 (or a KVCD) directly on a DVD-R and read it on a standlone player. I think that Avalon did a guide on how to do this.
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