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11-04-2003, 08:59 AM
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This has happened a number of times now; when I play back the completed conversion, the end is chopped off by a minute or two. This has happened at different resolutions within the SVCD settings. I have the bitrate set at 800 all the way down the line as well as 1 CD output. In these instances, the file is not split into one large file and one tiny one; it is simply one file with the end missing. When I check frame selection it shows me the entire rip and I update the full range, just to be sure. Any suggestions?
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11-04-2003, 09:09 AM
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As it is bbmpeg that cut the file, even if you ask to DVD2SVCD to use only one disc, bbmpeg will produce 2 files if the first one is already of the wanted size.

Its possible that DVD2SVCD does not "see" that there is two files, creates the CD image for the first one, and then erase the both mpg files !

Uncheck "delete temporary files" (or check "do not delete temporary files", I do not exactly remember) and see if you don't have "nameofthemovie01.mpg" besides the "nameofthemovie00.mpg".
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