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11-05-2003, 09:01 AM
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I've been hammering away at the specifics of learning the KVCD mojo for at least two months now, and dabbling in other topics like subtitles and filters. I knew nothing about AVIsynth, VobSub, or other add-ons (most of my experience thus far has been creating DiVX)... and I'm finally on the verge of success with my first major KVCD project, the 1-hour-59-minute Special Edition of Battle Royale!

I have a pretty high quality 2CD DiVX version of it, which includes .srt subtitles (separate from the video, so I had to learn VobSub to get them to show up), and I finally have each of the two CDs muxed at just under 400MB apiece in KVCDx3 (528x480), still looking very nice... and it'll fit on a single 80min CD.

When I was even more noobified, I assumed that the -PLUS templates (with the incredibly low 352x240 res) would be the only way to actually get 120+ minutes. Thankfully, I was wrong. Some movies deserve so much more than that.

The only setback is that I don't have a set-top DVD of my own to test it on (in this day and age!) So for now I'll have to try it out at a friend's house and see if their player will take it.
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