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11-14-2003, 03:37 AM
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hi all, i'm new to the whole conversion thing and have read many threads.
what i have are tv episodes about 43 minutes in length that i want to make into vcds. the prob is the 80 min limit per cd, thus i want to make xvcds that could hold 86~87 minutes total. what i want to do is to make tmpgenc not encode the video and just mux the audio after it has been downsampled.

what i did was extract the audio => headache to convert .wav file into mp2 128kps stereo file
opened up tmpgenc and input video, and input the new .mp2 audio file.
i leave all settings except for mpeg vcd (non-standard) and press encode.
i think the video gets reencoded when i did that because it takes 40+ minutes to process a 43 minute video.
file size is way smaller too

2nd method i did was:
opened up tmpgenc => mpeg tools => multiplex
input video file, input audio file(.mp2 from headache)
and run.
results: much faster, but file size is just a tad bit smaller
this seems to be the way to go because the file sizes of both files are smaller than 800mb.

my question is, which method i did was the proper way to just down sample audio and leave video alone to make an 87 minute vcd.
or can someone point me to the optimum procedure to keep video but down sample audio.
or just the best method to fit 87 minutes into a cd losing as litttle quality as possible.

thanks in advance
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11-14-2003, 04:16 AM
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Your first method would actually be the right way to only encode the audio...

The question is, what source was the video? was it already VCD compliant?
If it was, then TMPGEnc would not try to reencode it...
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11-14-2003, 08:23 PM
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the source is original vcd compliant, i could burn it with nero as a vcd compliant video and it'll play fine on standard dvd players.

i was just wondering since the video doesn't have to be encoded, why does it take so long to just mux it with the audio.
and the file size is significantly smaller with method number one.
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11-14-2003, 08:51 PM
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for sure : you reencode your video ! Smaller but badly worse also.

Method 2 is th eonly one to use. But if you saiy that the two files are more or less 800 Mb, for sure all your work is not very usefull.

What did you change on the audio ? The bitrate (in Kbit/s) or the sampling frequency (in KHz)? And what are the original and the destination values ?
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