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12-13-2003, 03:02 PM
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Hi guys,
I've used KVCD for a long time but I have to say that the out-of-specs SVCD I get are not compatible with my standalone players.
So I would like to go on with miniKDVDs that would need 2 or 3 80xminute CDs with MPEG-2 Video, AC3 5.1 Audio and selectable (Portuguese) subtitles.
I know how to encode the video with TMPGenc or CCE and I know how to encode the audio to MPEG1-LayerII with HeadAC3he or maybe transcode it to MPEG Multichannel with Hypercube Transcoder. I also know how to rip the subtitles with Gabest VobSub and I know how to convert these to SUP format with SubToSup.
What I don't know is:
1) Can I use 80 minutes CD and use 800MB with miniKDVDs as I do with SVCDs or KVCDs
2) Using IfoEdit I can mux the three items together (Video+Audio+Subs) but I don't know how to split them in two or three blocks of 800MB. I always end up with a folder with a DVD structure that fills 1600MB ...
3) Can I encode my Video using the KDVD Full D1 template and change the target resolution from 720x576 to 544x576? Because this way I would have higher CQ for video and in the end maybe I could just patch the encoded stream with DVDPatcher to fool the standalone and make it believe it was actually a 720x576 video stream?
Thanks for the help.
C ya.
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