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12-08-2003, 04:23 PM
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is it possible? i've tried adding the non-compressed original files in tmpgenc author and creating a menu so i could have all of them in one big file. then i was going to re-encode it with tmpgenc. before i could, i keep getting an error stating that the file is too big. i have plenty of hard drive room for the file. any ideas on how i can get around this? i want to put 3 dvds onto 1 kdvd 1/2.
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12-09-2003, 04:50 AM
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dont worry about exceeding the size of your project just ignore the error and load your authoured files into dvd2shrink there is abug betwwen dvdshrink and tmpgenc authro so the workaround is to mount your image as a dvd form nero
new project select your image burner (DVD) as your recoder and write the file to you r hard drive,mount the image using nero imagedrive and open with dvdshrink compress it and burn ,tryst it works great. iam do alot of vcd on dvd using up to 25 episodes at 20 mins long but using this method i alway get them all on one dvd with great quality

edit wait i just re read your psot what u need to do is use dvd shrink first to compress your orignals oint o smaller files then add them to tmpgenc
sure the above guide will be useful for some though
put your liteon dvdr in the bin and buy an NEC 2500A
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