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08-02-2002, 05:21 PM
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(for Advanced users)

Some of you here are using DVD2SVCD (D2S) to automate their KVCD encoding while they sleep
Problem is that D2S 1.0.9 Build 3 does not support CQ_VBR mode, nor setting of VBV buffer size.

I like to sleep at night, so I've searched a way to trick D2S so that I can use *any* TMPGEnc configuration for
And I've found it, relying on good old MSDOS batch file!

Here is how to procede for a PAL KVCDPlus encoding on 1 disc.

* Preparation Step 1

Create a special project (.tpr) in TMPGEnc :
-File/new project
-load KVCD-CQ-352x288-(PAL)-PLUS.mcf
-set video only
-set video source to (D2S output folder)\AviSynth_Script_file.avs
-set output filename to (D2S output folder)\Encoded_Video_TMPGEnc_PAL.mpv (source is PAL)
-File/save project to "KVCD_D2S.tpr" somewhere on your HD

* Preparation Step 2

Create the following batch file and name it "swap.bat"

if exist TMPGEnc_Project_file.tpr goto swp
goto loop
del TMPGEnc_Project_file.tpr
ren KVCD_D2S.tpr TMPGEnc_Project_file.tpr

* Launching an encoding session

Set D2S as usual.
Copy "swap.bat" and "KVCD_D2S.tpr" in your D2S output folder.
Run "swap.bat".
Start encoding.
Go to bed

If everything goes well, you should have a fully KVCD compliant mpg at the end.

* Additional notes

-My config is P4 1.6 with WIN98SE. I cannot test under other config.

-I did one encoding so far, all Windows not minimized, all resident progs deactivated (however, this may not be required).

- You may have to tune this method to your specific needs. I would recommend to do some testing on your config,
to understand how D2S works (eg. I assume that for NTSC, D2S outputs a "Encoded_Video_TMPGEnc_NTSC.mpv"),
and to check that timing is ok. Timing may be critical : this trick may not work if D2S loads TMPGEnc project file too
quickly, before it is swapped. It works on my machine, I sincerely hope it will work for you too.
Again, test on a tiny movie before.

-don't forget to change BBMpeg setting to VBR in D2S (I sometimes do)

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08-04-2002, 05:42 AM
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Just use Smartripper to rip the dvds and then use Dvd2avi to to get your .d2v file/.wav file, and then use Tmpgenc to encode it with, using the kvcd plus template with maybe a couple modifications to suit your dvd player and file size. Very simple really! LOL
Not all this other crap you are doing...lol
If you need any help let me know.
My email address is bulkemailing4u@aol.com
Good luck!
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08-05-2002, 09:57 AM
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Hi ZeppelinFan!

I know this method is dazing and confusing for users who don't need to use DVD2SVCD.

Actually I have heavily used the same kind of approach you describe in the past (except I use http://www.dvddecrypter.com/, much faster than Smartripper). I still do for some encodings (bonus, sit-com, recalcitrant DVD).

My goal here is to spend 5-15 min dealing with encoding.
Hence DVD2SVCD : 1/insert dvd; 2/choose main movie; 3/load my usual D2S parameters; 4/launch dos batch; 5/launch encode and validate subtitles choice; 6/do something else with my PC (not too CPU intensive).

Did you find a way to rip DVD sound track directly to MP2-224-DS (conversion on the fly?), together with video stream AND subtitle stream (in a format I can use within Avisynth)?

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