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03-17-2004, 05:58 AM
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there have been many reports that its problematic to overburn CDR's using NERO and Pioneer DVD Burners.

Yes, in Nero its possible to choose DAO/96 to get rid of that error when burning tries to start, but still at the end of the burning process, errors do occur ... sometimes afterwards when playing back these burned CDRs there isn't any problem and sometimes yes.

The solution is the usage of "Daemon Tools" in combination with "CloneCD".

After authoring your final mpg usin VCDeasy you end up with cue/bin files.
Now you determine using Daemon Tools a "virtual" Device and you let Daemon tools mount that "cue" file to that determined virtual device.

Now you see in the WinExplorer a new Drive with exactly that Video/Data content as if burned directly to CDR.

Open CloneCD and choose Device Copy (the "double Disk" Ikon) .... you see your virtual drive as source device ... and choose "multimedia" source.
click further, choose "on the fly" and determine your Pioneer Drive as dest. Device, also here choose "multimedia" target.
Do proceed the burning process. There will be also a popup which asks if overburning is wanted, shure you say yes.

Using that way I had no more problems if some encodings got a bit over the final CDr80 final file size.

Maybe its also possible if using that way to burn 90min or 99min CDRs, but as they are still too expensive in comparison to the data amount given by a DVD-R media ... its not worth IMHO.

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