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01-28-2003, 07:38 PM
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This post is just to supply information on the compatability of KVCD templates for use on the Akia DVPS-760

I downlaoded Kwags sample cd in "Nero" .nrg format and burned the image to Durabrand CD-R.

Here are the results..

kvcd-ulbr - Works Great - smooth clean picture and sound.

kvcd-lbr - Works Great - smooth clean picture and sound.

kvcd-352x240 PLUS - Works Great - smooth clean picture and sound.

kvcd-352x480 PLUS - Irritating Jerky video playback (but presents a noticably sharper picture)

kvcd-704x480 PLUS - Irritating Jerky video playback (but presents a noticably sharper picture)

kvcdx3 528x480 - Jumbled mess of large blocks, you can see a repeated triple image of video in the midst of the mess

The sound was consistent and clear in all resolutions, but apparently only the 352x240 resolutions provide smooth video with this player.

I have tried changing the kvcd resolutions to 480x480, thinking it might work since my player will play standard svcd's with the header trick applied - but it didn't work with kvcd.

I suspect that perhaps I also gave SKVCD template a try at some point.. unsuccessfully... but I'm not certain about that, I've wasted at least a dozen cd's in experimentation..
I guess I'll have to try SKVCD again to be sure

Very frustrating because I like this Akia... Nevertheless, I'm still happy to be able to burn a whole movie to 1 cd-r using Kwags 352x240 templates - The picture still looks preety good. But I'll be sure to bring my test cd along next time I go out shopping for another dvd player to find one that will play all kvcd resolutions.
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