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I want to connect my desktop, VCR, and DVD recorder to a UPS. Can you recommend a reliable, affordable unit?
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10-28-2004, 08:41 AM
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First, you want one with AVR (auto voltage regulator) aka "clean power".

I tend to prefer CYBERPOWER units. The APC ones and cheaper clones always seemed to heat up (and thus heat up the tile floor or carpet .. not good!). The CYBERPOWER ones are cool to the touch, and unlike some of the other units, truly give an ACCURATE reading of it's power level (i.e., the 15-minute units really last about 15 minutes .. or more!).

You need to pay attention to wattage (W). I have just my PC and monitor on one unit. My recorder is on another one. Alarms in the unit sound if I turn on both monitor and PC at the same time. This is because a power spike is required to start a device (about 3x normal W power). I turn them on one at a time. First monitor, wait 10 seconds, then PC. I have about an $80 unit (three of them, two in studio/office, one in room with tv/vcr/etc). If you overload the circuits, alarms go off (very similar to ones that sounds when the power is out).

If you wanted to spend $150-200, they've got a nice unit with about 30-45 minutes of power, and has a much higher wattage rating.

These are very reliable .. THIS IS QUITE SIMPLY ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES I EVER MADE!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how many times these little devices have saved me when working. You never know when the power will die or flake out on you. I've had zero hardware die or glitch out since I added these little devices around the house.

Look on the back of your monitor, on the back of the recorder, any device, and add up yours watts. Then go to the store, and buy what is needed. Be sure to have plenty off excess wattage on the unit, don't cut it too close.

When I spend $80 x3 I was not too happy to spend the money. But having used them for at least 6 months now, I can tell you I'd not only do it again, but I almost wished I'd have spent more money for higher rated units.

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