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03-20-2021, 12:39 PM
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I've actually already put in an order for the OEM Intel cooler but I think it's the dual-core model, which appears to be aluminum. How much of a difference is it likely to make? I am using a dual-core processor (Core 2 Duo E7600 3.06GHz) and the computer case is pretty well ventilated. I also haven't returned that Cooler Master yet. Would it be worth the time and trouble to try and get the adapter? Or sending these both back and getting the quad-core cooler?

As far as the hard drives, are there any particular specs I need to look for in order to avoid the compatibility issues I've heard about? I think this board only does SATA 1.

I think I might know a way to convert HUFFYUV to a Mac-usable format, but if it doesn't work, I can make converted copies on the capture PC and send them to the Mac, or send the HUFFYUV files to my Lenovo i5 laptop with Windows 10 instead, right?

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04-10-2021, 06:32 PM
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For capture systems, I use Apevia 450W PSUs, cheap and quality. Too many people overspend of the PSU, and get a heat box for the money -- double punishment.

Hyper 212 is worth the time/funds, OEM coolers are junk.

For AGP AIW, I think you're fine.

Don't forget the capture drives, 2tb, Seagate suggested. SATA2 is fine, it'll just run slower. PCI expansion is also fine, non-VIA chipsets, and runs at SATA1 speed with full SATA2/3 specs. You can capture to those without issues.

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04-14-2021, 03:07 PM
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The Intel cooler is installed and is loud.

I might return the unused Hyper 212 and get a Noctua NH-D14 or NH D-15, or possibly another one from this list https://www.quietpc.com/lga775-coolers.

Or I could do this:
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