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12-19-2004, 07:28 PM
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This is almost completely off-topic (unless you really stretch the meaning of "video problems"), but I noticed your post, "do you fix it more than you use it", on videohelp.com, and Microsoft / EB can't help me, so I figured I'd give you a shot. Your post started about spending time fixing your X-Box, well I'm wondering if you are having similar problems as I am. My X-Box is not modded at all, but I often receive the error "disk is damaged or dirt..." on pretty much every disk. It happens sometimes when I first put in the disk, then after a few opens/closes it will work. Then it will randomly do it in the middle of a game. It happens most frequently when I leave a game paused for a few minutes and unpause it.

I'm not expecting you to be able to answer this in any definite manner, or even at all, but it couldn't hurt to try =)
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12-19-2004, 07:55 PM
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Your problem is a dying (or dirty) laser lens. One of my friends had this happen to him twice now. Unmodded unit.

Read more here:

Mine is heat related. Fan may also be dying (cheap bearings). The unit is also sensitive to dust, and hates being put on the carpet.

And if heat is such a problem, why on earth did they cram it into a box with zero flow? A "do not put on carpet" warning label would also have been appropriate, at least I think so.

Microsoft made these things from leftover parts, it seems.

I opened it up this afternoon, blew it out, and left it open while I played it for a few minutes. By the time it was fixed, I was no longer in the mood to truly sit back and play it.

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