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11-02-2011, 03:43 AM
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Well, after trying the new start up procedure that I described in one of my last posts, after another family member was on the internet, later this same night the modem lights have started to rapidly blink like there is something being downloaded, even when the internet or a browser is not open.

So far they have been doing this for perhaps half an hour or more. i walked into the kitchen & noticed them blinking.

I have left the pc on overnight with super antispyware running a scan to see if there is any spy ware. I googled this online, & read various things, that maybe the internet service provider is making changes, or the modem could be going out, or others have said, unless I start having problems getting online, than do not worry about it.

It just made me nervous, as the modem has never had it's activity light constantly flashing like it is downloading something even if it is not.

If the modem is going out, how do I know it is? & i bought another just like it in case it does, when & if I have to replace it, do I just plug the new one into where the old one was?

concerning wear on a modem, should I turn it on & off along with the pc every day? or is it safe to leave it on al the time?

right now, I can get online, & all it' lights are green, but now the activity light is doing a constant rapid blink.
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11-03-2011, 07:26 AM
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Activity lights signify activity -- nothing more, nothing less.
It could be something as harmless as the ISP running some routine tests against client modems, to assess network conditions.

Never turn a modem off.

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