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02-20-2009, 11:16 PM
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Ok. I have a slowing computer. I need help deciding what I can do to speed it up. Do I really need all those programs running on my machine (HP extended capabities 5.3, java extensions, etc.)

Help me figure this so I can run ps faster.

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02-20-2009, 11:43 PM
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Lots of computer makers (Dell, HP, etc) build systems loaded down with what is fondly referred to as "crapware" that doesn't need to run at all times. Some of it should be deleted entirely.

And then various software installers love to add in extras without asking, especially if you do a "typical" install (instead of the often-found "custom" install option). Many more want to add "quick start" programs into your computer Startup folder, such as QuickTime, Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office -- and none of these are needed, and whether they help "quick start" the related applications is up for debate. Most all of these things can be disabled.

Microsoft Windows also comes with many services started by default -- some of which are rarely used by home consumers, and can be turned "off" (start-when-needed mode).

I'll assume "ps" is Photoshop, and that you know how to take screen captures. (PrtScrn button on keyboard, new image in Photoshop, paste, crop as needed, save for wasb as JPEG).

Go to START > RUN and type in "msconfig" and click OK. It will start MS Config, and then go to the SERVICES and STARTUP tabs. Either screen cap the windo multiple times, so I can see what's listed -- or type out the complete list of everything in the Startup, and then list anything under services that is NOT a Microsoft service (click on MANUFACTURER at the top of the tab to sort by company).

Post back here, I'll lookit over, and see what can be turned off.

If would also help if you took a screen capture of your desktop, and show me what sort icons appear by the clock on your taskbar. Please expand it if you have it set to collapse and show << >> arrows.

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