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A few years ago (2007), WinRAR apparently gave out free registration keys as a promo of some sort. These were all over the place, given out by online magazines and various websites/blogs. I've attached both these files, WinRAR v3.5.1 installer, as well as the registration "key" file, inside a single ZIP file. This is the version I use on all of my computers.


Step 1: Install.
Double-clicking/executing the WinRAR Setup wrar351.exe file to setup.

Step 2: Register. Register the full legal non-trial version using the included key file:
  • For Windows XP: Double-click the rarreg.key file, and allow it to write the key data to your registry.
  • For Windows Vista/7: Copy the rarreg.key file to your C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming folder
Many of the attachments used on digitalFAQ.com, both the site guides and the forum, are archived inside RAR files.

Note: Although technically an "outdated" version of WinRAR, it still works perfectly fine. There are no security issues or stability issues with version 3.5.1 that I am aware of. If you want to buy a newer version, simply visit RARLab.com and do so. There is no upgrade discount, so you'll be paying the full price ($29). There are now 64-bit versions available, if you feel so inclined. The current version, as of September 2012, is v4.20.

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It appears that this promo is pre-Vista (and therefore also pre-7). The second step -- "Double-click the "rarreg.key" file, and allow it to write the key data to your registry." -- only works on Windows XP. Most serious video users should probably be using Windows XP anyway, as it continues to remain the strongest OS for a majority of the video tools -- freeware or payware -- currently in use and popular amongst consumers, hobbyists and professionals alike.

For Vista and Windows 7 users, WinRAR will remain in demo/trial mode, with the nag screen.
If anybody has information on how the key could be installed on a Vista or Win7 system, please post a reply.
-- See first post.

Just wanted to note this.

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According to the help file, the key file should be stored in "%APPDATA%\WinRAR", since access to C:\Program Files is restricted in Vista/7. %APPDATA% is a system path, on Vista/7 machines it points to "C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming".
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