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05-24-2017, 11:58 PM
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This is my first post to the forum! As the saying goes, first time, long time. I've been reading for quite a while, but recently joined and am in the preliminary phases of my VHS digitization setup. I was expecting only to be asking questions. But I am happy that I do have some experience to offer on a topic, as this may be the only time I am in this situation for quite a while.

I had an XP SP3 station at the ready, then I saw so much on this forum about SP2 being preferred for video capture. So I dusted off my SP2 disc and did a reinstall. I tried several times to Activate Online, and always got the connection error message 32777. After a couple days, I came to the conclusion there is no more online activation. I wasted a lot of time assuming the telephone route would be a no go or very painful. So, I tried to activate the hackers way...

So first tried the online advice saying to transfer the wpa.dbl and wpa.bak (in C:\Windows\System32) to the new install (same PC is required, or at least per WPA rules found on the web) in Safe Mode after install and skip activation step. Well, it failed to work for me after many attempts.

So next I tried http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Windows-XP-Genuine-Forever, which also did not work for me. This is a registry change and assuming you have a genuine product key.

So in a last ditch effort, from the Activation Screen, I selected Telephone registration. I called the number on the screen from a smart phone, was texted a link by the automated service, entered the activation numbers generated on my XP machine into the link (different from product key), then entered the resulting code into the registration screen on my XP machine, clicked Next, and a moment later...

There was much rejoicing!!!

Smart Phone is the only way to go on this. The number of digits in these codes with a person over a phone would have a high probability of causing a headache and/or temporary insanity. Just typing all the numbers is enough to make one a little daffy.

Anyway, at least if you have a product key and a full install disc (cannot speak for OEM), Microsoft is still honoring Activation of existing XP licenses.

Hope this helps someone who was wondering if XP activation was still alive. Naturally, always image what you've got before daring to reinstall. Also, I'd recommend imaging a bare bones activated copy. Since I've heard it can be hard to undo some of the troubles one might get into when installing various drivers or changing hardware around.
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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05-25-2017, 01:02 AM
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Good to know!

I've never been fond of the hacker way. Installing hacked software is bad enough, as malware is potential and likely. Hacking at the OS level creates issues where you could be infected with something at the kernel level and not know it.

I still have my MSDN copies for XP SP1/2/3. No activation needed.

FYI: Don't stick XP online. Far too dangerous these days, and lots of stuff (example: SSL) doesn't work anyway.

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