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12-26-2009, 01:45 PM
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This section of the forum is here for you, the readers and members of the site.
This site is about helping people their media needs (video, photo, etc), and that includes the all-too-valuable shopping advice.

Deals Schedule

Q: Nothing new has been posted?
A: While retailers email us daily, not everything they have "for sale" is a good deal. Why? Two reasons: (1) Product Quality. In many cases, they are selling low-quality items. We don't post just anything. The only time new deals are posted is when the price is good AND on a good item. (2) "Sale" Pricing. Sometimes the "deal" is just a normal price, or within $1-2 of the normal price. That's not really what we'd call a "shopping deal". It reminds me of a Walmart "sale ad" when Walmart doesn't actually run any sales. Sometimes a whole week or more can go by, and we don't really see anything worthy of being posted.

Q: "But it's XYZ holiday! Surely there are good deals you're missing!"
Holidays and sales actually DO NOT go hand-in-hand, contrary to popular public perception. Some of the very best deals on items happens in mid spring and mid fall -- not around the summer "sales" (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July), nor around winter "sales" (Black Friday, Christmas, after-Christmas). In fact, during these times, there are just a few "loss-leader" items sold, followed by only modest sale prices on other items in the store. You've been bred as consumers to shop during these seasons, so there's no reason to give the best prices of the year during those times.
- If you want a great price on an HDTV, for example, shop in early/mid October.
- New computer? Look around in late February!
- Can't wait until then? Well then, check out the deals we have posted (if any), and hopefully we'll have something in your budget.

Q: Do you miss deals?
A: Yes, we surely miss sales and deals. Feel free to help us out, post what you saw! If we like it, and think it's a good deal, we'll approve your new post. Spammers are not welcomed here. Keep reading this page, to learn how to post a new deal. See the section "How to Add a Deal, Make New Posts".

About the Links

Q: Some of the links look funny. Can I trust them?
A: We've joined up with a number of retailers, and we often know about sales and deals days/weeks before they're made available to the general public. As a member in these programs, we get links to their products. Now this is where people start to get scared or confused. The links we're given are often gibberish/non-sense, so stores can track what site sent them the sale. So when a store like Best Buy sends us their list of upcoming sales/deals, we don't get a "bestbuy.com" link, we get one of their goofy-looking sales links. These links include: anrdoezrs.net, apmebf.com, clickserve.cc-dt.com, dpbolvw.net, jdoqocy.com, kqzyfj.com, shareasale.com, tkqlhce.com, and others (will update this list as time permits). Personally, I think these links are silly. They scare people. However, these links are not spyware, viruses, malware --- nobody is stealing anything from you. (It would be easier to knock over a liquor store or gas station, to be quite honest.) Most all sites use these same links, or something very similar. Some of them try to hide the weird links from you, using fancy-coded sites. That's not a good use of our time, so we don't bother with that.

Q: "When I click on the links, they don't work?"
A: Some firewalls are known to be overprotective, essentially blocking valid sites. If you're running something like Norton or McAfee, possibly Kerio, then you may have to temporarily disable it. Honestly, those programs are resource hogs, block too much legitimate content, and have questionable records of detecting actual malware.

Again, these shopping links are here for your benefit. So go get yourself a good deal on whatever it is you need.

How to Add a Deal, Make New Posts

Q: Can I post some deals?
A: Yes! If you're a member that wants to share a deal with other site members/readers, then please post it, and we'll approve it when we see it's not spam. To prevent spam, a new post is placed in a moderation queue, and Site Staff will manually approve it before it shows up on the site. Misplaced questions are moved. Members can reply to existing posts without any problem. Note that we may replace links, if we're part of their affiliate program.

Q: What can be posted?
A: We only list products and services here that we consider well-priced, from reliable companies. The product/service must also be related to the content of this site (video, photo, audio, computer, etc). For example, we don't put up ads for clothes and furniture. Companies looking to advertise should contact us about advertising opportunities.

Q: "I need advice on what to buy and where to buy it!"
Tech questions, which included shopping advice (i.e., "Where can I buy XYZ for a good price?"), need to be posted in the topical forms. For example, questions about buying computers or DVD players should be made in computer or DVD player forums.

Worldwide Deals

Q: Does this site only post deals for USA stores?
A: While most deals are for USA merchants (mostly because USA merchants better communicate with online sites such as our own), we try to include deals from Canada, Australia, UK and the rest of Europe. Feel free to post deals, to help others.


If there are any more questions, feel free to reply to this post.

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