07-16-2007, 03:13 AM
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I'm converting my PSi Factor PAL set to NTSC by using my region free/ dual format DVD player and recording them to a DVD. It has been really working well and my sets look pretty darn good, but I have one problem. I used to be able to put a disc in my DVD player and it would continue to play the whole disc without going to the menu after each ep. Now it goes to the menu at the end of each ep and I can't figure out why.

Is there a button on my remote that I need to push to get it to continue to play ep after ep? Nothing earth-shattering important, but it would be nice not to have to check on it every forty minutes!
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07-16-2007, 03:55 AM
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It depends on how the dvd was authored. Its an option to either return to the menu, or jump to the next episode. I've had series work one way for one season, then another for the next season. I don't believe there is any "Play All" button on most dvd players.
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07-16-2007, 10:48 AM
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yeah it usually depends on how it was authored, I try to author all mine to play the next episode by default (they get one shot at the menu when it loads and then even if they just select episode 3, then episode 4-whatever will play till it reaches the end and goes back to the main menu)

some dvd players though allow you to hit the next chapter button to go to the next episode regardless if it was authored to go back to the main menu, I dont know the official name but its a sort of title play (since each episode is a title in the structure).
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07-16-2007, 03:44 PM
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depending on how complex your deck is, you could also try programming the dvd player so it will play all of your eps without going back to the menu
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