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Hello, im new to this forum, so im glad i found this and i hope people here can help me out with my VCR.
I'm from Uruguay and this VCR are rare to find because here everybody trow out old tech to the trash

I got this VCR from a guy who bought a shop that used to digitize VHS, i got it for $50 dollars, when i got home i connected it to my CRT TV and i was seeing some wierd lines in the images (see attached video), so a guy on facebook told me to change the capacitors in the sub Y/Chroma board if i see corrosion, so i changed all the caps except for two that are electrolitic 47uf and doesn't have polarity, so i connected all back again and now in dont have image at all...

Also i had to re solder all the solder joints where the boards have the connections cuz they were cracked, i spent a few hours soldering and cheking the boards for cracked solder points but now its fine.

What can it be? I only tried S-Video and AV out from the SCART socket using a Scart to Composite adapter, also the previous owner made a mod to the scart output and solder an female RCA connector for composite, i did not tried RF out.

thanks for the time

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Panasonic caps are never just on a single board, but widespread to the entire unit. Replace them all.

SCART adapters are rarely good.

I'm always suspicious of mods as well. Some are good work, but most are done by idiots. So you have to figure out which this was, genius or moronic.

You have at least 3 variables here. I don't envy you. Getting this to work is definitely a project.

Sometimes (too often, actually) "only $50" is just wasted money, or wasted time, or both.

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