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I read a VCR buying guide topic here and found some of the machines listed there. I'd like to capture my old tapes with a TV tuner using Virtual Dub to get decent quality. (My VCRs ain't got even S-Video output so yeah...)

I found a couple of seemingly interesting devices (some of them in damaged condition, others in unfavorable condition). Could you recommend which VCR I should buy from the list down below?

JVC HR-S6852EU for around 90$
Panasonic NV-J35EE 100$
JVC-DR-MV1SE (VHS/DVD Recorder Combo) 115$

Damaged, cheap thrills (Should I consider fixing? Worth?):

VHS JVC HR-7600EG (Won't accept a tape) 75$
Panasonic NV-J35EE (Suddenly stopped working) 25$
Philips VR-1500 (Jagging tape) 75$
Panasonic NV-FS100EG 60$ (Something prevents the tape from running: After inserting the cassette and pressing play, it tries to move but something is holding it.)
Panasonic NV-HS930 90$ (The seller says: The VCR only plays sound recorded in stereo, so there is sound only on some cassettes, e.g. Polish recordings. There is no mono sound, which needs to be repaired. The display can sometimes get stuck, especially the scroll buttons.)
Panasonic NV-HS900 90$ (After inserting the cassette, I return it. The VCR has never been repaired and things like that. Once in a while it accepts a tape and plays it normally. But you have to be patient...)

These I cannot afford or feel hesitant to buy:

Philips VR 900 120$
Philips VR 1200 150$
Panasonic NV-HS900 180$
Panasonic NV-HS1000 230$
Blaupunkt RTV-966 260$
Panasonic NV-FS200 280$
Panasonic AG 5700

If I wasn't poor, I'd prolly buy one of these high-end VCR, but I don't earn much so I wonder if maybe you recommend me to fix smth from the list above.
Best Regars,
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I got a philips vr650 (i fixed it) & a 900 (same mech assembly really) i wasn't impressed as far as features & A/V quality coming out.

SAMSUNG SV 5000 WORLD WIDE VIDEO, can decode everything and transcode but not necessarily well (ntsc to secam) but that's a complex process anyways ex: https://www.transfert-films-dvd.com/samsung-sv-5000-w/

Panasonic NV-FS200 is like a rolls royce, if you can afford it .

A safe bet is a JVC, i have yet to come across a JVC that delivers poor quality (at worst it'll be just above average, while others may be well below)
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I would bet that there’s more wrong with the broken VCRs than what you know.

Buying for the master is different than it is for me and most other people. He knows more. He can make better buying decisions. He knows how to fix these. You might wind up with a frustrating hunk of junk.
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Thanks for the replies!
Things have changed. (I couldn't edit my list from the initial post.)

At first, I was considering buying this Panasonic NV-HS930 with some minor (supposedly) defects. I asked my pal if that damage was serious (if he could potentially repair it), and he has not responded. Maybe he read it and then bought it, which would be rude. Or the offer had been gone by the time he checked it.
You may be right that some guys don't say everything they know. That Panasonic seemed like a steal: it was only 90 bucks, and "the only" issue was mono playback and some stuttering display.

Yes, JVC is pretty tempting. The brand seems solid.
Idk, If I can paste auction links here. Rn, I got me eye on: (I won't list the broken ones.)
JVC HR-S6600EU 70$
JVC HR-S6852EU 85$
JVC DR-MV1SE 115$ (TBC?)
JVC HR-S6900 140$
JVC HR-S7500 140$
Panasonic NV-FS200 230$
Panasonic NV-HS950 200/310$
Panasonic NV-HS1000 230$

These cheaper models lack TBC (ig), which is mandatory when it comes to digitalizing tapes, right? Whaddya think?
and me keep searchin'

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