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I have a LiteOn LVW-5115 DVR set up through a Denon AVR-2105 Receiver to a Mitsubishi projection TV (WS-65819). Not sure why or how, but I am now unable to record programming that has been stored on my DVR Cable Box. Playing DVDs with this set-up is working fine.

To record with the LiteOn I would set the TV to the input that shows a picture at the DVR, then turn on the LiteOn and set the Receiver to VCR1 (which is the input/output for the DVR to the Receiver). The LiteOn "Guider" should show the recorded picture as played through the DVR, but it now just shows the DTV picture that is my standard DTV viewing source through cable or recorded cable box shows. >>>>> When I switch to the input that shows the DVR image (same as the DTV image) that picture is there but rolls constantly), and (as I said) is not showing in the Guider window no matter what LiteOn input I choose.

I did have a repair guy out here several months ago for something speaker related and he fixed this too (it was happening at that time too). It's apparently a setting somewhere, because I didn't change any cabling.

Any ideas appreciated. I'm happy to provide any further information as best I can.

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Dupe post.
Weird. (This happens with this software sometimes, known flaw, happens to lots of sites.)

Continue here: http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/show...em-w-2187.html


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