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Just up-graded my old DISH receiver/DVR to a more modern one. New receiver no longer has s-video out, only Component out, and my 2007 Phillips DVD recorder only has s-video In, and Composite In (Single Yellow)..Looks like I'm out of luck without getting a converter box or newer DVD recorder?..BTW, the old receiver did allow copy-to-VCR/DVD, with most recorded shows, except for content from Premium channels like HBO,Etc..(DVD recorder would show an error/cannot record) for those.
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05-16-2015, 10:25 PM
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But frankly. re-processing and resampling never looks as clean as the original. Maybe it's time to move on and go the HD-PVR route, like units from Hauppauge with an HTPC. Can also be used to capture analog sources like VHS to decent quality h264. Up to you.
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