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hi, we have directv wired through out the house. we also have cable, but we only have it wired to one tv. i would like to have cable in our bedroom as well but don't want to run the wires. i have seen one of those wireless signal systems and think that would work out. just wanted to know if anyone used one of these and what your opinion was if you did. my main question about these is:

can you watch different channels on the second tv that the signal is being sent to?

please let me know. any and all info is greatly appreciated. thanks
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06-09-2006, 06:59 AM
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It's a hassle and doesn't look very good at all. Run wires. Put them under the carpet and run them inside if you want, no need to drill into walls and crawl in the attic, if you want to skip it. I did that in my last house, ran ethernet and cable along the walls under the carpet. Just don't put anything on the wires, like bed posts.

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