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09-09-2020, 04:40 AM
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Hi all,

Am on the hunt for a TBC with S-video for a capture rig I'm putting together for Hi8 tapes.

Any of these would be good, from lordsmurf's list:

1. DataVideo TBC-100
2. DataVideo TBC-3000, TBC-4000, TBC-7000
3. DataVideo TBC-1000
4. AVToolbox, TVOne AVT-8710
5. Cypress CTB-100, clones
8. Cypress, TVOne 1T-TBC
6. Kramer FC-400
7. For.A FA-125

Please send me a message here if you have one for sale. I'm in the UK but do get in touch if you'll post internationally.

Something in the 250-350 range would be OK ($320-$450).

Many thanks,
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09-17-2020, 05:22 PM
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The 250-350 price range is wishful thinking. TBCs were already double that price several years ago, and are now about triple on average. Your request is like me wanting to a buy a new 2020 car, but at 2005 prices.

For that low of a budget -- which will probably still be upped some -- you'd be looking at an ES10/15 combo'd with a DataVideo DVK unit. You'll get ES10/15 side effects (posterization, aggressive NR, possibly luma value offset for PAL), but it will be 99% as effective.

Note: Some of those units you list are NTSC-only, not PAL.

Some also have multiple generations, and certain gens are less PAL-friendly.

Also be aware of just buying by the model number. As example, there are both good and bad 1T-TBC units. You don't want to randomly buy the wrong item from eBay, regardless of whether the low-video-knowledge seller claims it "work great".

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