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02-05-2021, 04:43 AM
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I have about 30 or so blank T-15 bulk load VHS cassettes with blank laser labels and cardboard sleeves left over from a high school band school duplication project a number of years ago.

While the tape is essentially useless except maybe for testing, the "new condition" cassettes could be reused as replacement for broken/damaged cassettes.

Would be happy to sell for 50 cents each or $9 plus shipping (from Northern VA) for the lot.
Shipping cost would depend quantity, on method, and destination.
Given the cost and bulk, and increased possibility of shipping damage, shipment outside the USA 48 states would not make much sense.
The box is about 10x11x15 inches
Weight is about 6 oz per cassette or perhaps 14 lbs for the lot.
I would also consider local pick-up in lieu of shipping.
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