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03-14-2021, 01:01 PM
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For sale is a working Sony EV-S7000 Hi8 editor. I acquired this unit second hand about eight years ago. It does not have a remote, and the plastic fakey cabinet pieces that screwed into the sides of the deck are missing.

Now for some good and bad. While I wouldn't recommend this unit for Hi8 digitizing work, it's a really cool piece of 90s video gear with a motorized pullout drawer and full edit controls. Even with the visual pitfalls this deck has always had silky smooth transport with little to no head switching noise at the bottom of the picture's overscan area. I used it to dub tapes encoded with PCM audio, which is the main draw for decks like this since very, very few cameras had this feature. It does have a TBC/DNR circuit that are independent from each other (i.e. you can have DNR off with TBC on unlike the JVC 3DNR system) as well as proc amp controls. The TBC is a full field TBC. One last thing. This deck runs hot (to me, anyway). If used in the summertime I kept a desk fan pointed at it while in use.

I'm finished copying the tapes with PCM audio, which is the reason I'm selling it. If there's no takers here I'll take it to eBay. I'm asking $600 for it (that includes shipping...USPS 2-Day Priority Mail), but I'm willing to negotiate within reason. I accept Venmo and Paypal friends & family.
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