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04-14-2011, 03:13 AM
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This week I deprecated a system, and it will serve as the new backup/standby, if needed. This means we no longer need the previous standby system. This is something that rarely happens, we almost never sell our gear -- so if you want a known-good capture setup, buy it while available.

I'd prefer to sell this all off to a single person, if possible. Plus it's always best to put an ATI All In Wonder Radeon AGP capture card in a computer that you know works! Sticking a capture card into a random computer is a recipe for troubleshooting problems.

Here's what I have:
  • ATI All In Wonder, Radeon series, 128 Pro model, AGP slot, works with ATI MMC 8.7, ATI software will be provided on a disc. ATI software install instructions are in this forum, and ATI capture guides are on this site.
  • Intel Pentium 4 1.8Ghz on Intel D850GB motherboard, with 768MB RDRAM -- the ATI cards worked best with Intel/Intel setups!
  • 300W power supply made for this motherboard
  • Runs wonderfully on Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP non-SP/SP1/SP2 --- & using XP non-SP or SP1 is suggested
  • It captures to MPEG-2, MPEG-1, Huffyuv AVI, Lagarith AVI and uncompressed AVI with zero dropped frames, no audio sync errors, no power-line noises, etc -- flawless high quality capturing.
  • This is a workhouse system, was working fine when dismantled, and was a backup/standby system. It's not broken, defective, etc -- ONLY being sold due to lack of need.
  • I can toss in some case small fans, too, if you need/want
  • If needed, I may have extra 80-pin cables for IDE connections
  • Need support? I'll give you a free Premium Membership here, if you're not already one.
  • From a smoke-free professional video office environment, stored in anti-static bags, and is like-new clean.

Asking $125 + shipping.

To inquire about purchasing this, either use the Contact Us email form, or simply PM me on the forum, if interested.
Check, cash, money order, Paypal, rolled up pennies -- all are fine.

Everything will be packed properly, and should arrive undamaged.

What you'll need to make it work:
  • The purple dongle/breakout box, and you can buy one from eBay for $4 (tip: search for "ATI purple" to find these on eBay)
  • Computer case, for full-sized standard ATX boards. Nothing unusual. Go with a case as cheap as $25 from Geeks.com (including ~$10 shipping), or as nice as an Antec from Amazon for $57.
  • IDE hard drive, 120GB max per channel (two IDE channels, two slots each). Two drives are suggested, if capturing to internal drives. It's best to run Windows/software from C: drive, and capture to a D: drive. Drives are readily available from Geeks.com for a very low cost, less than $25 each.
  • Optional: You can add a $12 PCI Firewire card, and use large Firewire 400 drives. For example, a 2TB Fantom GreenDrive
  • Soundcard, anything PCI works fine, such as this $30 Creative card from Amazon.
  • Your own copy of Windows XP, which you probably already have, or can find without much effort. (If you need help locating a copy, information is available.)

Important Note: Inevitably, somebody will contact me stating they can find a "better deal" on eBay or Craigslist. All I can say in response is "good luck with that". The ATI All In Wonder cards from the 128-series and 7000-series models were prone to blowing out the inputs from misuse/mishandling, and the 9000 series cards had issues with overheating when used for excessive gaming. You'll find many of those cheap cards on auctions were from these abusive environments -- smoke-infested homes/offices, ham-fisted handling of the wires/inputs, kids playing video games, unprotected/unregulated power sources, etc. Finding a known-working AGP slot board can also be a bit of a chore in the age of PCI-Express slots. These boards/cards are now up to 10 years old -- meaning that there's been plenty of time to accrue damage. (Note: NOT to be confused with thinking the card is "too old" to be good, as that is simply untrue. The best analog capture cards were made from 2001-2006.) You get what you pay for.

Again, use the Contact Us email form, or simply PM me, if interested.

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