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05-16-2011, 11:54 AM
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I would like to add one more TBC to our collection.

I don't want to mess about with eBay auctions that insist something "works fine" when it probably does not (and the person has obviously not tested it in any serious way), is missing a power cord, or comes "as is" as if I'm a sucker willing to splurge $100-200 on something of dubious origins and functionality. Plus eBay bidding/searching takes away from valuable work time.

Must be:
-- Known-working units only. (No noise, flickers, etc etc.)
-- Complete. (TBC + power cord, at minimum)
-- Up to $200 range, with condition dictating pricing. Negotiable. (Not spending $250+ on this.)

Currently only interested in these models:
-- AVToolbox AVT-8710
-- Cypress CTB-100
-- DataVideo TBC-100
-- DataVideo TBC-1000
-- may also consider other DataVideo models, if available

Either PM me or use the Contact Us button (top of page, in menu).


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