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10-05-2020, 06:59 PM
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For a few months now, we've slowly been testing Ritek Pro media. So far, we've tested DVD-R (AZO!!!) and CD-R, with some interesting results. By end of year, we hope to share some expanded testing results of those discs.

The Taiwanese site AudioNet recently finished their BD-R testing, also with some interesting results. I can't wait for those to also get to North America.

translated from https://www.audionet.com.tw/thread-13090-1-1.html

RITEK released the super "precious metal" alloy BD-R, which can improve BD-R programming quality
The specifications of Blu-ray discs today are much higher than in the past. In order to pursue better audio-visual effects, players and friends attach great importance to the reading mechanism and playback software specifications of Blu-ray discs, but do you know? In fact, the material and design of the Blu-ray film itself is also one of the key factors. RITEK, a major manufacturer, released the BD-R with super "precious metal" alloy, which can improve the recording quality.

Players and friends all know the evolution of optical discs. In the early years, the DVD capacity was only 4.7GB, and now it has evolved into a single-sided single-layer Blu-ray Disc with a high capacity of 25GB. The supported image resolution has also evolved from 480P in the early years to today's 4K ultra-high resolution. In the face of such a sharp increase in resolution and a large increase in recorded data, the quality of Blu-ray films has become more important.

Facing the need for 4K ultra-high image quality, RITEK selected many materials for characteristic tests, such as: signal characteristics, Power margin, burning stability, playback stability, weather resistance, etc., originally selected silicon copper alloy in many materials As a result, after more careful testing, it was found that the weather resistance of silicon-copper alloy is not as stable as the rare and precious metal "alloy target" with special formula. RITEK has undergone many more rigorous and time-consuming tests to thoroughly confirm that the alloy target material performs significantly better than the silicon-copper alloy in a number of data.

In order to create quality, RITEK does not hesitate to use this rare precious metal on 4K BD-R discs as the material of the disc recording layer, which can make the recording quality more stable, reduce the recording error rate, and make the signal characteristics more stable, creating Better audio and video effects. The author has actually personally experienced that BD-R discs using precious metal alloy targets can make the sound more three-dimensional in the film performance. The color density of the image and the light and dark levels of light and shadow are rich; the three-dimensional sense and depth of field performance of the object image More clearly, these performances are very small sensory differences, but they bring a better experience.

And this rare precious metal also has the advantage of good weather resistance, is not easy to produce chemical changes due to environmental conditions, and is easier to store. Therefore, RITEK 4K BD-R discs are not only suitable for general consumers, but also for the professional recording market that needs to store data for a long time.
This is a test chart of the disc reading error rate. Sample 1 and Sample 2 are made by other companies, Sample 3 and Sample 4 are RITEK products, and Sample 4 uses precious metals. It can be seen that the error rate of Sample 1 is extremely high since reading the inner circle, which does not meet the standard. Sample 2, although the performance of reading the inner circle is stable, the error rate of reading to the outer circle will gradually increase to substandard. The Sample 4 is smooth and stable from the inner ring to the outer ring, and the error rate is very low.

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