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10-18-2009, 03:25 PM
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I contacted you before and you confirmed something I was not sure at that time. But there is something weird going on with +R blank discs purchased in Europe.
Here is the story.

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions for this particular situation.

I have a US version of Panasonic dvd recorder DMR ES 15.
When I try to finalize a +R disc (a Philips blank disk bought in Europe) that I recorded successfully the day before (but that I did not finalize) and when I put the disk back inside the machine it says:
"disc incompatible - Port Unsup" Wow!!!! I tried several times....impossible same thing....disc incompatible!
But when I record a similar disk and I finalize it right away. It works. I can play it again when I put back the disc in.

The headache is why the non-finalized disks cannot be read again (once the disc is ejected) by the same machine which made successfully the recording? It's a bummer if you have to finalize right away because then why having a +R disk then! Standard -R discs would be enough and they are cheaper.

How could I find a way to finalize the recording on these european +R blank disks then (Philips brand)?

The problem lies with the Panasonic ES series recorders -- at least in my experience. They work best with DVD-R and DVD-RW, and really crappy with DVD+R and DVD+RW.

Once, long ago, in my JVC DVD recorder, the DVD filled up too much, and there was no room to write a lead-out. Now I've only seen that happen a few times with CD and DVD through the years, in all kinds of scenarios on all kinds of equipment, but it's possible.

It might also be the last few spots on the Philips disc (made by CMC, I'd bet) is no good, and the machine can't write to it.

Something like this will be hard to solve, but easy to avoid.

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