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continued from another thread...
Originally Posted by Kereellis View Post
Also, may I ask what is meant by a "shiny top disc"?
A "shiny top disc" is a disc that is shiny silver on top.

It has no additional protective coating on
  • the top of the upper polycarbonate on a DVD,
  • or on the upper foil on a CD, which has no upper polycarbonate layer.
This coating is usually an inkjet surface, branding surface, or a screened (silk or thermal / heat-transfer) image.

"Shiny" discs are not intended for end-consumer use as-is. Why?
  • The foil is subjected more to light,
  • there is less protection on the top of the disc,
  • and fingerprints make the discs nasty -- skin oils, germs, filth stuck to a disc --- eww, yuck!

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