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10-06-2010, 02:25 AM
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Just wanted to archive this, as originally found at http://www.maxell.co.jp/e/release/20030704.html
There is some historic value here.

Information regarding counterfeit DVD-R discs currently being sold using Maxell's unique media ID
July 04, 2003
Important information for valued customers

As one of the worlds leading manufacturers in DVD media it has come to our attention that counterfeit DVD-R discs are currently being sold using Maxell’s unique media ID. In addition to this they may appear to be promoted under the Maxell brand name and/or claim to be Maxell media ID discs. With this alarming news we would like to inform our valued customers that these counterfeit DVD-R discs have not been manufactured by Maxell and they are completely illegal products.

(1) To further explain

The counterfeit DVD-R discs illegally use Maxell’s media ID. Each media manufacturer assigns a unique media ID to their DVD discs so the manufacturer can be identified with their products. This media ID coding is embedded onto a stamper which is part of a moulding tool used for disc replication. When the disc is inserted into a DVD writer or recorder it checks the media ID and records the disc to the appropriate recording status that was evaluated and established by drive manufacturer. This ensures the optimum recording quality and playback compatibility.

The counterfeit DVD-R discs use the same Maxell media ID that has been assigned for Maxell’s DVD- R manufactured discs without the consent or authorization from Maxell. Maxell DVD-R discs are 2x speed qualified - this means Maxell’s DVD-R products are able to be written at 2x speed by 2x speed support DVD-R drives. These counterfeit DVD-R discs contain Maxell’s media ID, so a drive would recognize the disc as a Maxell DVD-R and write at 2x speed even though the disc’s characteristics do not necessarily meet DVD standards.

Maxell has conducted quality test of these counterfeit DVD-R discs. The results prove the counterfeit discs do not meet official DVD standards. In some test instances the discs failed during writing and displayed playback problems.

(2) Where the counterfeit discs have appeared?

We have found such counterfeit DVD-R discs in Japan, Europe, US, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In most instances we found the discs sold as bulk packaging in 25, 50 and 100 piece spindle packs. They are sold as non branded or unfamiliar private label branded discs, but may also claim for example in an advertisement to be a “Maxell OEM product” or “Maxell Media ID used DVD-R”. The counterfeit discs have also been sold at much a lower price than branded discs.

Our action

Unauthorized usage of Maxell’s unique media ID by 3rd party companies, and use of the Maxell brand name are totally unacceptable and completely against trademark and industry rulings. Maxell will strongly argue this matter with any manufacturer, dealer and seller who are associated with the illegal utilisation of our unique media ID.

This is not a solus problem to Maxell, but a damaging concern for all official DVD media industry organisations and drive manufacturers. Maxell does not accept this matter and will take appropriate legal action in any such instances.

Please continue to purchase and support genuine Maxell products. As one of the world leading media companies Maxell will make every effort to stamp out such counterfeit DVD discs on the market. We will continue to supply our valued customers with the high standard of DVD products that are associated with Maxell.

If you have any questions, please visit the webpage http://www.maxell.co.jp/e/corporate/...ide/index.html, then contact your nearest Maxell office.

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