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10-08-2010, 02:42 AM
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Remember to ask all tech questions in the forum for fastest response. Thanks!

I checked your Blank DVDs ranking and I wonder if the same ranking is valid for DL DVDs and ALSO BLU-RAY DVDs. Is there any source that is ranking Blu-ray DVDs ?? Thank you so much for your help.
Yes, the guide includes DVD+R DL discs. Note the media type columns.

Now, about Blu-ray media...

In order to give accurate rankings on media, it takes a proper sample size of thousands of media, over a period of time. Discs must then be tested, results tallied, some error margins figured, and then results re-checked. That took us two years for the first version of the DVD guide, back in 2003 (2001-2003 burnings and analysis). We're still in the early stages for Blu-ray guides.

While it would be easy to burn 10 discs and say something is "great media" (or "crap media"), it's not ethical to do. Of course, that doesn't stop others, especially on user reviews found on retailer sites. Burning 10 or even 100 discs is not adequate, especially if conditions are not controlled (remove variables). This is what led to so many people thinking Princo, Ritek or CMC was a "great" disc, because they had not burned enough of them to notice the wild trends between high quality burns and utter failures. In turn, and in denial, it's those same people who invented myths (like the spindle-sized "bad batch") to explain away their wrong-headed initial opinions.

Right now, the results of the BD-R Media Guide are scheduled for Q2 2011. We may release some initial findings in late Q4 2010 or Q1 2011, with disclaimers that the results could change a good bit after final results are tallied and studied.


Much like CD to DVD, or DVD to CD, you can extrapolate. CD to DVD to BD is a natural evolution, in many ways, including the processes that create them. A company that is known to make excellent CD and DVD media is not going to suddenly make horrible Blu-ray discs, as the technology is all related. The same of true of companies that made rotten CD and DVD -- don't expect perfect BD-R from that crowd.

Verbatim (Mitsubishi) is the top choice for CD, DVD, and (no surprise) Blu-ray.
Much like DVD+R DL media, the quality margins are steep.

For example, compare Mitsubishi to Ritek:
  • Mitsubishi CD-R is excellent.
  • Ritek CD-R is very good.
  • Mitsubishi DVD-R is excellent.
  • Ritek DVD-R is okay.
  • Mitsubishi DVD+R DL is excellent.
  • Ritek DVD+R DL is mediocre at best.
  • Mitsubishi BD-R is excellent.
  • Ritek BD-R is not very good at all (from initial tests).
As the optical technology gets more advanced, the discord between manufacturers seems to increase.

Verbatim is the carrier of Mitsubishi media.
Best prices on Verbatim BD-R are from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.ht...reative=390957

Hope that helps. Thanks for writing, and welcome to the site.

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