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11-21-2010, 04:20 AM
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Here's another press release from 2008, archived for posterity and research. This press release includes several technical facts, as opposed to your typical "Buy our stuff, it's the best!" marketing BS done by so many other manufacturers. I've bold-faced a few of them.

See my comments below the quoted text for more...

New Archival-grade DVD-R Media By Mitsubishi -- Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mitsubishi Chemical Media Co., Ltd. will release the ARLEDIA series of DVD-R media in March, manufactured for long-term storage of critical data. The "ARLEDIA" series of DVD-R discs have been named after the AU/Ag (Gold/silver) reflective layer the company has applied, in order to achieve high durability and reliability of the disc. In general, a gold reflective layer is naturally resistant to corrosion, prevents oxygen from corroding the silver reflective layer. Silver oxidation can be a primary factor, which limits the lifetime of your CD and DVD media. In addition, silver layers offer high reflectivity which means high compatibility.

The company claims that the new 1~8x 4.7GB DVD-Rs are two times more reliable than conventional DVD-R media, after testing under a accelerating aging conditions. Estimated lifetime tests under an environment of 88 C and 80% RH have shown that the new DVD-R media lasts twice than conventional DVD-Rs.

Mitsubishi has also applied a new variation of its proprietary DYN-AZO technology in the recording layer, which produces recording layer with an improved power margin and greater sensitivity, while it is highly resistant to exposure to light and heat. In addition, the DVDs have a hard coating that protects the recording surface against scratches and rough handling. The new products will be available in Japan as single discs, at an estimated retail price of 600 JYEN (U.S. $5.6).

Focus on Blu-ray production --- In related news, Mitsubishi announced its plans to accelerate production of Blu-ray Discs, anticipating higher demand since Toshiba's decision to exit the HD DVD business. At its Singapore plant, the firm will install a production line for recordable Blu-ray Discs. The new line is slated to be in service in July or August and is expected to produce 500,000 units a month. Mitsubishi currently makes 200,000 Blu-ray Discs a month at its Mizushima factory. The new line at the Singapore plant will raise monthly production to 700,000 units. In addition, the firm will begin outsourcing some production to foreign manufacturers.
The outsourcing of DVD+R DL (the assumed product at the time that was mostly in-house at the Singapore plant) appears to have gone almost entirely to Moser Baer (MBI) in India. I've not seen a lot of FTI or CMC production, for DL blanks.

BD-R still appears to be entirely from MKM's own Singapore manufacturing site.

Again, we have statements from a manufacturer -- one that has succumbed to using gold, no less -- affirming how silver is more reflective that gold for an optical recording surface. And again, that really negates the MAM-A style "Buy our stuff, because it's the best!" marketing, to sell gold-only MAM-A media (the so-called "archival 100-year" media).

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