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Almost all of the new JVC (TY) discs are gold labels.
You advise against using gold discs.
Are the JVC ok?
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This has actually been asked here before: http://www.digitalFAQ.com/forum/show...-jvc-2484.html
This is the thread: Quality of "gold" JVC DVDs

And a quote from that thread:
pretty sure the JVC TY "gold" media refers to the gold lacquer, which is again (like Verbatim) not related to the reflective foil surface. It's just a gold-color glop that is painted onto the media as added upper surface material for printing. ....... I'd say that's more a designer color than anything else.
... and that information was later verified.
So the JVC "gold" media is not made of gold -- that's just the color of the upper surface.

I actually have many "gold" DVDs where the gold is simply a material on top of the disc, on top of the upper polycarbonate layer.

A "gold DVD" generally refers to a DVD-R or DVD+R where the sputtered reflective foil layer is made of gold instead of the more reflective silvers and silver alloys.

Note my difference between a "gold" DVD and a "gold DVD" in the above clarifications.

I don't much see the point of buying these discs, unless they just happen to be on sale for a much better price than the normal Taiyo Yuden discs. Or equally high quality Mitsubishi discs, usually sold under the Verbatim brand.

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